This website has been designed so that Disability Matters Ards and North Down can be more easily accessed.

We hold bi-monthly meetings; also see ‘About us’ for the years A.G.M minutes.

This years Annual General Meeting of Disability Matters Ards and North Down, is being conducted on Thursday 30th March 2017; at 7.00 -8.30 pm, in Bangor. If you want to attend our A.G.M, let us know … contact @ www.disabilitymatters,online – we’ll send details of the venue etc – look forward to another year of this important and worthwhile group.

if you want to attend  our next meeting please contact the group. Tell us about your specific access issues.
We have already received necessary monies for ongoing projects and we are grateful of any financial help that allows us to continue this very important work. We understand that we are a young group, but we recognise that the local needs of people with a disability, need to be represented.

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1.We understand the importance of political power – council links  will always be on going and we very much look to our local interested individuals in the community. One of our members has been made director of Down and Ards Rural Development; another is a director/board member of Disability Action. We are  represented on the board of the community network; we also are represented on the Board of Governors at two local schools. There is a trained accessibility consultant and an experienced professional optometrist. Professional qualifications are not a requirement but and we also have a number of enthusiastic individuals, with excellent experience of awareness and equality training.  Disability Matters purposely had its launch in Ards Town Hall in April 2010. There are over 400 members on facebook and we look to strength in numbers.

This gives Disability Matters plenty to be ‘getting on with’. Any help will be gratefully and constructively received. We know that we can make a positive impact and continue to address disability awareness at a local level.